Imagine a lighting system with many different permutations – fully controllable at the press of a button ! Co-ordinated low voltage units bring a symphony of light to your home.

Using halogen bulbs of 20, 35 and 50 watt output, low voltage systems produce a crisper, whiter light which freshens the colours of the surfaces on which it falls. Select from a variety of beam angles – a narrow spotlight to define a specific area – a wide angle beam bringing a flood of soft illumination – or something in between.

Operating at 12v and controlled via a transformer, lighting intensity can be set and altered with accuracy according to the mood you wish to create.

Low voltage units themselves are generally smaller in size than mains units, allowing them to be concealed unobtrusively. There’s also the opportunity for a number of lights to be installed in a small area, thereby increasing your creative possibilities.

Additional low voltage lighting options can be viewed on our page covering track lighting – wire systems featuring groups of lamps arranged in an attractive display.


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